martes, 1 de enero de 2013

Cali. So much to see, so much to live.

Santiago de Cali, the third most densely populated colombian city, bathed by the Cauca river, is rich in contrasts.
For outdoors plans there are hills and hillocks like San Antonio's; the Pance river is a great choice too, and there's also the Cali's Zoo, one of the biggest of south america, with the open doors for all the nature's lovers.
But there are a lot of activities that doesn't involve the countryside, like going to the malls, visiting museums, going to the theater or the cinemas, walking through the city, and, in the night, PARTY!. You can't leave the city if you hadn't dance Salsa; not in vain, Cali is named the Salsa's capital.
Colonial buildings, like 'La Merced' chapel and traditional foods like Cholado and Aborrajao contrast with modern architecture and the arrival of the japanese culture reflected, for example, in the abundance of sushi's bars and in events like Shinanime, a monthly date where young cosplayers, otakus and other lovers of this culture get together.
A very diverse city, with friendly people and a nice hot climate. I felt like the spanish Sebastian de Belalcazar, discovering Santiago de Cali. Some photos and a lot of memories from this amazing place remains.
...And that's the story of my first, but not last, visit to Cali.

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